Couples Tantric Massage Training in the UK

There are many different places we can look to in the UK to gain more information on Tantra and for example as couples looking to learn there are quite a few choices depending on what you are looking for.

Some of the common places that are used are as follows

Glastonbury Tantric Temple – This is more for those individually looking to train to a very high standard in Tantra and various courses are run solely for this purpose. This is quite a formal process and the courses generally are run over 12 months and split into 7 or 8 modules, although they do have some one day events running as well which works very well for those looking for that basic introduction in Tantra do dip their toe in the water so to speak before committing to the full courses that they have on offer

Couples tantric training is also offered on shorter bookings and can event take place at private retreats across the UK

To find out more see the Glastonbury Temple website here with the full run down of what they are on offering

Pure Tantric Massage – For those looking for a more informal setting for their learning requirements, if based in London then Pure could be a good option for you and your partner. They do mainly focus on tantric couples massage and they have various trainers available for those looking to learn on an informal basis. They do offer outcall training and so people that prefer their own home comfort are able to take advantage of this with the team at Pure. All levels of expertise from complete beginners can apply for couples training and the masseuses are said to be very friendly, accommodating and professional


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